= Training and pedagogy


    To make doing is a teaching chapter that relays the performing practices. Here the dance practice becomes a specific moment of giving a physical experience to the (none) dancer. The different body experiences are to train the professional dancer or increase the body knowledge and awarness or reaction of the none dancer.

    This class is strictly linked to movement (motion) and space through exercises and experiences. Class focuses on perception and exploration to offer a larger range of impulses to move. This physical preparation aims to free and acknowledge patterns and habits with the wish to build new experiences in order to give more tools to the thinking body.

    One of the goals is to trust that the intelligent body can nourish the motion and create a balanced dialogue between doing and writing, body and mind, actions and reactions.

   The class is an exploration into movement, space awarness drawing inspiration from contemporary practices and studies including  yoga, flying low, body weather, Thomas Hauert principalsor somatic practices.

  Tasks can also be directed to space absorption or anything else that would increase the sources of motion. Exercises working in a group or individual situation.