= Mentoring and research platform

   In my artistic practice, teaching has an important place. Among the reasons I do teach there is a wish to extend the physical interest that students usually have for movement into a deeper connection with live performance in general.

   I believe that having access to an artistic practice can participate to the development of a critical discourse in the viewer/spectator position which can be, in a second time, extended to art in general. This different connection to artwork that the none professional performer/mover develops with media may give him more pleasure and satisfaction in his spectatorship as it links him to the work from with more than a visual and emotional aspect. At any rate, I like to propose explorative platforms for body, mind and thought through the creative process.

   One of the starting points of these platforms is dedicated to group discussions that engage the participants with an introduction to theory related to an artistic frameThe whole proposal engages collaboration, regulation, feedback and some specific related theory. By the end of the process, the artistic product is hopefully materialised and followed by a discourse.

   Among recent researches I have proposed for investigation there are the enactments of visual artists,  a visit and revisit of J.S Bachs music principals (the melodic and numeric signature), a research on nature and simulacre or a self portrait celebration.