= Performing
For Entreprise d'Optimisation du Réel (EOR)

Graphic art, sculpture, words, music and dance are just some of the elements brought together by Sébastien Lacomblez and his team as they bring Optimum Park™ to life. And you play a key role in it. In a huge space evoking a giant laboratory, participants are invited to perform actions and rise to the challenges in various stations linked together by the System that manages it all and addresses each participant directly…


For Daniel Firman

    For Duo, Daniel Firman made a mould of a dancer’s body, then that of another, juxtaposed with the first. After this first duo, he placed a third dancer beside the mould of the second, continuing in a similar way, on the principle of the “exquisite corpse”, till he had six duos.

    It resembles a set of photographs. In a further inversion, it becomes a flat, purely retinal image. Firman asks, “Can a sculpture be an image? Can an image be a sculpture?” balance weights, Daniel Firman has made casts of each dancer posing from the trace left by the preceding and connecting to it through a single point of contact. 

For Gaëtan Rusquet

    Trained in stage design and performance at La Cambre, Gaëtan Rusquet very quickly interested choreographic approaches. The starting point is a set design Meanwhile miniature buildings crumbling. An apocalyptic image that allows us to understand in a tangible way the passage of time and the relationship between man and architecture. 


For Marcelo Mardones

An infinite white background, four individuals entirely painted in black except for the eyes. Individual A passes in front of individual B who passes in front of individual C and D and so forth. The intention is to bring the focus on their gaze and on the emotions emerging from this succession of contacts.

    Te-mira-me is meant to be grotesque, it has been intended to be a distorting mirror of a sometimes too obvious reality.