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    Amélie Marneffe is a french contemporary artist based in Brussels. She graduated from the Brussels Royal Academy of fine arts ARBA ESA in 2010 where she also did an exchange with the St. Martins College of London. Previously, Amélie studied at the International Experimentation Dance Academy SEAD, in Austria. She received her first degree in 2001 as a contemporary dance teacher in France.

Amélie is mainly working in the field of experimentation, perception, and state of awareness by bending the line between scripted and unscripted spontaneous situations. In a close and distant past, she has dedicated herself to the creation of artworks in order to compose a hosting platform for reality.

Today she expands her focus to the viewer/audience experience; looking for a direct stimulation which could create kinesthetic effects in the body as well as offering perceptive situations to the spectator. Her performing mediation is nourished by numerous media such as body, video, installation and words.

Aside from making, her practice involves performing, teaching, and researching; all of which revolve around emancipating the participants though experimentation.

Amélie Marneffe is currently the associate artist of dance and performance at St André Theater of Abbeville in France as well as actively pursuing her performance practice